Bathroom & Internal Drains & Grates

35 products

    35 products

    Upgrade your family bathroom with an internal drain and grate from Vincent Buda. Designed exclusively for bathrooms, showers and laundries, Vincent Buda stocks various grates and drains with pattern types and styles to suit several applications–old bathrooms, new showers, renovations and more.

    High-quality bathroom drains and internal drainage products for showers have been available from Vincent Buda & Co., your trusted building supplies provider, since 1957. We have something for almost everyone with guaranteed reliable and speedy delivery so you can get started on your project confidently, knowing that Vincent Buda won't let you down. 

    To ensure you receive the best quality possible, we stock small floor wastes and linear drains made from 304 stainless steel, available in standard lengths off the shelf and ready to ship–no need to second-guess your selection; we have you covered. Even small-budget bathroom changes are catered to thanks to our plastic base grates and drain products and other affordable bathroom-drain solutions.

    Love the look of a linear shower drain? Choose from a standard lines pattern, Heelguard, square, brick or tile insert, alongside more custom shower grates and drains options to bring out the best in your bathroom. Plus, we stock corner right-angle shower grates and drains for added flexibility.

    Not sure which bathroom drain and grates you need for your next project? Check out our Grate Configurator. With just a few short questions, you’ll find the right drain and grates from our range of drainage solutions alongside our black finish shower drains. 

    Shop online today to access external and internal drainage products, in stock and off the shelf - ready to be shipped at a moment's notice. You can trust Vincent Buda to have the correct bathroom drainage solutions in stock and sent to your door. With 99% of our online stock readily available anytime, orders placed before 12 pm will be packaged for courier pick up the same day.

    Serving the building industry for over 65 years, whether as a drain supplier or a provider of structural steel products, we can’t wait to help you complete your next project.

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