Driveway Drains & Grates

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    Driveway drain grates are some of our most popular external drain products, with steel grates for driveways available in either stainless steel or galvanised options. Our 316 stainless steeldriveway grates are made to suit high-traffic areas like driveways, though they can be installed for indoor drainage applications.Our Galvanised driveway grates are incredibly versatile and can also be installed along outdoor walkways or garden areas.

    As one of Sydney’s most trusted building suppliers since 1957, Vincent Buda & Co. stocks a wide variety of driveway grates, including box and trench grates. We even sell individual grates to replace damaged or ageing driveway drain grates.

    Shop online today to access a massive range of grates and drains for internal and external applications, all sold in standard lengths, in stock and off the shelf - ready to be shipped at a moment's notice.



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