Custom Shower Grates & Drains

Custom Shower Grates & Drains

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Made from 304 stainless steel. Available in different styles, our shower drains are sold in standard lengths or can be customised to size as per your requirements. Sold as a fully welded unit, our drains are the easy drop in solution for your bathroom. 

Our shower drain bases have folds in the base to allow for water flow directly to the outlet. This excludes our DIY outlet and custom position outlet shower drains as they don't have folds towards the outlet, but they have a pressed V in the base but not towards any direction. 

Lines Pattern

  • Lines Pattern grate top is made from 1.5mm stainless steel

Lines pattern is available in 100mm wide x 20mm deep or 85mm wide x 20mm deep

Please note when we cut down the length of lines pattern, it may cut in between on the pattern and may not look even on both sides.

Heelguard Pattern

  • Our Heelguard pattern grates are made from 3mm Wedge Wire welded with cross braces and full edge bars around the perimetre.

Our heelguard pattern is available in 70mm wide x 22mm deep, 85mm wide x 20mm deep or 100mm wide x 20mm deep

Tile Insert

Our tile insert pattern is available in 100mm wide x 30mm deep and 70mm wide x 25mm deep. 

Custom Drains

When a standard shower grate won't work, we can modify an existing shower grate to suit your needs.

These grates are custom modifications, so if your length is 890mm, we will be cutting a 900mm down to your choice of 890mm.

Available in Lines Pattern top, Heelguard Top or Tile Insert, these 3 styles are available in lengths up to 3 metres (70mm wide are only available up to 1800mm long and 100mm Lines Pattern is only available up to 1500mm long). For longer lengths, please contact our office.

Please also note for lengths longer than 1500, the tops may be supplied in 2 pieces.

This product is made from 304 stainless steel. It is suitable for use internally in applications such as showers, bathrooms and laundries.

The advantages of our stainless steel heelguard include:

- 3mm Wedge Wire with 4mm Aperture

- 5mm (x20mm deep) edge bar all the way around the grate - eliminating any sharp edges

- Cross bars every 25mm, not touching base of drain the base of the drains allowing plenty of water flow

- Tapered cross bars reduces the buildup of dirt & grime

- Heel & Pet Friendly

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Installation Instructions

Shower Drain Installation

Shower Drain Installation - Timber Flooring 

See the PDF version here

Shower Drain Installation - Concrete Flooring 

See the PDF version here.
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