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20 products

    20 products

    Vincent Buda & Co. is your premier destination for all kinds of building supplies for various construction and DIY projects. When you shop online at Vincent Buda, you'll find all the necessary structural steel products for your next project without shopping elsewhere. Even better, Vincent Buda houses large quantities of building materials and hardware to ensure our customers get what they want when they need them

    In addition to roof flashing to help waterproof the perimeter and protrusions of roofing systems, our online collection of steel building supplies also includes Alcor dampcourse to stop rising damp in your finished structure and wall ties to reinforce brick and block walls when embedded in cement mortar.

    We provide a wide variety of temporary roof safety handrails for on-site fall protection alongside our trusted selection of building and construction supplies. We also sell hoop iron builders straps in 30m lengths for effective bracing and anchoring of building frames.

    You can trust Vincent Buda to have the correct bathroom and shower floor waste in stock and shipped to your door. With 99% of our online stock readily available anytime, orders placed before 12 pm will be dispatched the same day to be picked up via courier.

    Shop online today to access a massive range of building supplies in stock and off the shelf - ready to be shipped at a moment's notice. We're your go-to destination for structural steel supplies, like lintels and T-Bars, serving the construction industry for over 65 years. We can't wait to help you complete your next project.

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