Driveway Trench Grates

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    High-quality galvanised trench grates and structural steel products for external heavy-duty drainage solutions have been available from Vincent Buda & Co., your trusted building supplies provider, since 1957. We have something for almost everyone with guaranteed reliable and speedy delivery so you can get started on your project confidently, knowing that Vincent Buda won't let you down.

    Galvanised trench grates for driveways are ideal stormwater drainage solutions for areas with vehicular traffic from cars and trucks. Available in heelguard and traditional patterns, our galvanised trench grates are tough enough to withstand cars and light trucks, alongside heavy-duty options rated for heavy truck loads. 

    Don’t need heavy-duty drainage products? For pedestrian traffic and areas without vehicles, we recommend installing aluminium grates for your external drainage solutions for pedestrian traffic and thoroughfare areas. Our stainless steel trench grates are also suitable for pedestrian traffic, with configurations available for heavier load ratings.

    Learn more about trench grates and yard drainage solutions for your home with expertise from Vincent Buda and our Home Improvement Blog.

    Trench grates for driveways are each sold in standard lengths that can be connected on-site. Both our heelguard and traditional pattern options are available in 3 different widths in 2 and 3-metre lengths. Our galvanised trench grates also offer greater flexibility to form up your channel as shallow or as deep as you require.

    Shop online today to access a massive range of grates and drains for internal and external applications, in stock and off the shelf - ready to be shipped at a moment's notice. You can trust Vincent Buda to have the correct trench grates and compatible drainage accessories in stock and sent to your door. With 99% of our online stock readily available anytime, orders placed before 12 pm will be delivered the following business day by courier dispatch (within Sydney Metro only).

    Serving the building industry for over 65 years, whether as a drain supplier or a provider of structural steel products, we can’t wait to help you complete your next project. 

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