Slotted Steel Angle Render Bars

2 products

    2 products

    Vincent Buda & Co. render bars are a dependable and versatile angle bar option for load-bearing applications like supporting brickwork over gaps and openings in a building's structure.

    When you shop online at Vincent Buda, you'll find all the necessary structural steel products for your next project without shopping elsewhere. Even better, Vincent Buda houses large quantities of render bar lintels made from Hot Dip Galvanised Steel to ensure our customers get what they want when they need them.

    For superior durability and cost advantages over other render lintel products, the Buda Render Bar is suitable for applications where a render finish is required.

    Discover the value The Budabar - R Bar can bring to your next construction project. We stock this Australian-designed lightweight lintel in several lengths at affordable prices, helping you keep costs under budget without skimping on quality and compliance.

    You can learn more about choosing the best lintels for doors, windows and brickwork on the Vincent Buda DIY and Home Improvement Blog.

    Head over to our T-Bars page for Traditional T Bar products, Maxi T Bar for a Cavity Wall and Galintel® Cavity T-Bar products.

    You can trust Vincent Buda to have the correct bathroom and shower floor waste in stock and shipped to your door. With 99% of our online stock readily available anytime, orders placed before 12 pm will be dispatched the same day to be picked up via courier.

    Shop online today to access a massive range of angle render bars alongside Face Brick Lintels, Hot Rolled Angles and Shelf Angles in stock and off the shelf - ready to be shipped at a moment's notice. We're your go-to destination for structural steel supplies and building materials, serving the construction industry for over 65 years. We can't wait to help you complete your next project.

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