About Us

Vincent Buda & Company is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of building products, and has been serving the building industry for over 65 years.
We pride ourselves on supplying a friendly, professional and efficient service, with a unique and high quality range of products at the right price.
Our origins and focus is in the building industry and we continue growing by keeping in touch with the customers needs and their changing requirements.


Originally founded in 1957 at Hurlstone Park as a wrought iron factory by Vincent and Antonia Buda.
The business grew and expanded into steel angel bars and general building supplies.
Vincent’s children Richard, Rosemary and David then joined the business.
In April 1993 Vincent Buda and Company moved to their existing and even larger premise at 82 – 88 Benaroon Road Belmore.
Over the years, the business has grown, selling more products and employing more people.


We are a growing, 3rd Generation family business with local and international manufacturing capacities with a large warehouse facility at Belmore.
Our team has the technical knowledge, know-how and experience required to meet our customers needs in the industry.
We specialise, make and distribute high quality products for our customers and we are also the exclusive sellers of Aqualuna Drains and Budabar lintels.
We are always adapting and finding new products manufacture and sell based on customer feedback. 
We have supplied our products to happy customers Australia wide and Internationally.
Roads, Airports, Hotels, High Rise Commercial and Residential Buildings to Houses and Garages.
We are continuously growing and committed to becoming a one-stop shop for building supplies and gardening products.
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