Heelguard Vs Traditional Pattern Galvanised Drains

Deciding between heelguard and traditional pattern galvanised grates? There are various advantages to both patterns. 

Our Heelguard pattern is a heel safe option that provides water flow while still protecting your drainage system from being blocked by any leaves or rubbish. This means there is no monthly cleaning out of your grates to ensure they are draining correctly! With 4mm wedge wire, our heelguard grates also prevent lady’s heels from becoming stuck in the grate. 

Traditional pattern provides greater water flow with larger gaps. It is the most affordable option out of all the patterns available. However, they do allow leaves to get past the grate on top and possibly block your channel. 

In our galvanised box grates we also have a pattern known as Maxi Heelguard. This pattern is available in the 150mm wide and 200mm wide only. Similar to the Heelguard pattern, the Maxi Heelguard provides protection to your drainage system with 8mm wedge wire and slightly larger holes than the Heelguard pattern to provide more water flow. 

We have both traditional and heelguard grate and frames, plastic pits with traditional and heelguard grates to suit, as well as our box grates. All these products are fully hot dip galvanised and are made to last, typically used in external applications. Shop online to purchase any one of our drainage products.