Fire rated door frames are also sold at Vincent Buda and Company, we keep a range of items off the shelf or can order customer order for you to suit your special door size or walling system.


To suit your fire rated door frame purchased from Vincent Buda we also sell fire doors. These are available in 3 different finishes; MDF, Duracore and Ply. Between these 3 different finishes, fire doors can be rated up to 4 hours.


Our most popular fire frame and door sizes are 820 and 920 and commonly ordered in both MDF and Duracote door finishes.


We also sell fire rated hardware to complete the whole fire door set as a whole. We are a one stop shop for all fire door requirements.


Fire Tags and Certificates are also commonly requested for certification. For just a small fee, Vincent Buda and Company can supply a fire door self-install form (a short questionnaire) which can be completed and returned to prove the door, frame and hardware are all installed to Australian standards. We then can issue tag and certificate.


**Need to replace a fire door quickly? Vincent Buda and Company keep stock of standard commonly requested fire door sizes such as 820 and 920 at standard height of 2045 in 1 hour and 2 hour doors.**


Contact our office today with your requirements and we can try our best to help meet your deadlines.