What is the difference between Heelguard and Maxi Heelguard?

Heelguard, Stylish, Strong, Versatile and Suitable for all your applications.

Stylish- Our Heelguard Pattern Box Grates are designed and specifically suited for all your contemporary projects.

Strong- Constructed using a series of 4mm fully galvanised rods on the face of the drain, for which it is further reinforced using cross-sectional rods below. Our Heelguard Box Grate surpass market standards in strength.

Versatile- With Our Heelguard Box Grates being heelproof they are therefore suitable for all your applications; including but not limited to Childcare centres, Aged-care facilities and Most importantly your Home.

Our Heelguard Pattern are available in all our Box Grate Sizes. Additionally, the Heelguard is also available in our wide range of other Stainless Steel drainage products.


Our Maxi Heelguard has a modern, heavy-duty yet cost-effective design.

Designed and Constructed with Lineal Galvanised 10mm Perch, Our Maxi Heelguard Box Grates are Modern-looking, whilst also having the strength of an industrial grade grate. With a Series of 10mm perch making up the face of the grate the Maxi’ pattern allows for greater drainage flow.

Priced at a intermediate price point between the Heelguard and Traditional Pattern, the Maxi-Heelguard Pattern has become one of our ‘hottest’ selling products since its 2018 launch.

Available in our 150mm and 200mm widths, The Maxi-Heelguard Pattern is in Stock and ready to be purchased!

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