Shower Grates & Drains for a Stylish Bathroom

Here are some interesting facts about showering: 26% of all water usage in Sydney is from showering, with ten litres of water flowing into the drain every minute you spend in the shower. That’s quite a bit of water for your shower drains to manage day in and day out. And while having shorter showers can reduce water wastage, we’re more concerned about the types of shower drains you have installed in your bathroom. 

Beyond directing water from your shower and into the local wastewater system, the types of drains and grates you have significantly impact the look and feel of your bathroom. Gone are the days of the standard circular drain smack bang in the middle of your shower. In our modern world, you can purchase tile insert drains, line or heelguard patterns, and a choice between linear and square drains to match your aesthetic and bathroom setup.

Planning to upgrade your bathroom and shower? Perhaps you’re embarking on renovations or a new home build? Discover the different types of shower drains we offer to make your bathroom more stylish than ever. With a massive range of grates and drains for both internal and external applications available online, Vincent Buda & Co. is your ideal destination for your drainage solutions.

Our stylish grates and drains will transform your shower with a modern yet affordable look that doesn’t compromise on keeping the rest of the bathroom dry!

Types of Drains

Found all over the house, from yard drainage solutions to the drain at the bottom of the kitchen sink, we’re pretty confident you’ve got more than one. However, one of the most critical drains in any home is the one in the shower. Far more than just a hole that directs water towards the wastewater outlet, modern shower drains, and grates can be a stylish addition to your bathroom.

Linear Drains

These narrow, rectangular-shaped drains are typically installed along the edge of your shower or straight through the middle. Because linear drains have a wide surface area, they can manage water much more efficiently, keeping the floor dry.

When constructing apartment buildings, developers frequently use linear drains as they can minimise the service depth of the drainage, hence reducing the height between floors.

Our linear shower drain bases have folds that allow water to flow directly towards the outlet, excluding our DIY outlets and custom outlet position shower drains, as they don't have folds towards the outlet. Instead, our custom drains have a pressed V in the base, enabling water redirection towards any direction. 

Corner/ Right Angle Drains

Our right-angle drains are two fused linear drains to fit into the corner of a shower with a single 50mm corner outlet where the two drain lengths meet.

Square Floor Wastes

Small floor waste drains have a low visual impact and a sleek finish, making your bathroom or shower stand out. Unfortunately, square floor wastes or centre drains do not have the same elongated design as linear drains, limiting the amount of water they can capture.

Types of Grates

Struggling to choose a shower drain pattern? Check out our Grate and Drains Configurator! With just a few short questions, we can help you find suitable products from our range of shower drains.

To help you get started, here’s a rundown of the types of grates available for your shower drain.


The heelguard pattern is one of the most stylish patterns in our line. It has fine wedge wire bars with gaps to allow water flow. 

Tile Insert

The tile insert shower grate provides a more hidden look where the insert piece is filled with a tile, only allowing a gap around the perimeter of the drain to collect water and flow into the tray. 

Line Pattern

Our lines pattern grate is a rectangular slot hole pattern that provides a simplistic yet stylish look to any bathroom.

Square Pattern

Our square grates feature small rectangular holes similar to the line pattern, maintaining a similarly contemporary look with an affordable price tag.

Brick Pattern

Good looking and affordable, our brick pattern grate features similarly long rectangular slot holes but in a different configuration to our line pattern grates. 

Custom Shower Drains & Grates

Should you require a customised length or a custom outlet position, no problem! Here at Vincent Buda, we understand that shower drains might be a couple of centimetres longer than required. Buda can modify standard drains to meet your requirements with only a short lead time. 

Grates & Drains You Can Trust

With all our drains manufactured to provide a stylish yet affordable look to your bathroom, Vincent Buda is the ideal destination for all your grates and drains. Shop online now to access drainage solutions for internal and external applications alongside high-quality structural steel and building supplies for various projects, big and small!

Serving builders and DIYers since 1957, you can trust the Buda for your next job!