Plastic Drains VS Galvanised Drains

Plastic drains vs galvanised drains you ask?

Although the initial cost of a plastic grate is lower, the durability and life of plastic grates is a lot less. Galvanised grates are a superior product based on their durability and length of life. Galvanised grates are more suitable to a range of applications than plastic grates. The Vincent Buda & Co range of grates are locked down so you won’t get the pop out you see in the pictures. This is because the concrete expands and contracts putting pressure on the box channel and then popping the grates out. Once this happens, reinserting the plastic grates is virtually impossible. Plastic grates are bendable, over time leading to a change in shape or form, generally due to the inability to hold certain conditions. Often the weight of cars creates a bend in the tops over time, or a couple of hot days will lead to the expanding and contracting of the plastic and the tray distorting. If your plastic grates fail as per the pictures, the only solution is to saw cut the concrete, dig it all up, put a new box and grate in and re concrete.

Galvanised grates on the other hand, are a fully hot dip galvanised top and product life is a lot longer than plastic grates. Traffic able for cars and light trucks, they are available in various patterns and sizes to suit your driveway. They are a durable, long lasting alternative to plastic grates and are corrosion resistant. When looking at the big picture, the extra cost of galvanised grates as a percentage of the whole concreting or paving job is really not that much. When looking at the product length, payback will be numerous times.