Why use the Maxi T Bar?

Recently, Vincent Buda and Company have designed a t bar specifically for use in cavity walling systems. 

Below you can see an image of a cavity where 2 angles have been used to hold up a garage door opening, leaving the cavity open and exposed. Through the use of a Maxi T Bar, the vertical T sits inside the cavity and the solid flat base covers the cavity opening while still supporting with the same strength as 2 angles. 

Our Maxi T Bars are made from a 250mm wide base and 200mm high vertical with a solid 40mmx40mm square billet welded to the top, making the T Bar 240mm high overall. This T bar removes the requirement of 2 angles, while still maintaining strength, functionality and even covering the cavity. 

The design is patented. New Innovation Patent Application No.2020100066.

Available in a range of lengths with optimal support. You know you can Trust the Buda since 1957 with our Maxi T Bar.