Epoxy coating is a chemical mix of two liquid components to create a tough, solvent-resistant finish that can be applied to various items and surfaces. It forms a hard coating to comply with R4 rating. The thick coating gives the product a better chance at surviving in tougher conditions such as marine environments where the salt water has less chance of being affected by the salt water.


Sometimes lintels can be installed in severe marine environments where a corrosion resistance rating of R4 is required. To meet this classification there are 2 options, use a stainless steel section (which can be quite expensive) of a specific grade or apply an epoxy coat to our standard galvanised lintel (already R3 rated) and upgrade them to an R4 rating.

Vincent Buda and Company can apply this coating to any of it’s lintels or beams in its range. With only a short lead time this is an efficient solution when building close to marine environments.


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