The Vincent Buda & Company Zero Threshold Drain provides an attractive and practical solution for grates and drains incorporated into Bifold doors allowing for the smooth flow between outdoor and indoor. The zero threshold drain provides a trip free solution between indoors and outdoors while providing a solution for collecting any possible water that may potentially flow into your indoor area.

The zero threshold drain consists of an outer drain containing a vee fold in the base which helps the water flow to the outlet which can be of any size you require at any spot on the drain that you need. The upper part of the drain consists of a Heelguard grate ( the visible external part) and a drain craddle which holds the bifold track. This cradle has weep holes which allows water from the door track and sub sill to drain away.

The zero threshold drain is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel. The drain is custom made to the individual requirements of the project. As lengths between jobs vary and track sizes vary, the zero threshold drain is custom made to your requirements. The attached pdf gives you an example of a standard profile. Call us today on (02) 9740 1500 or email thru your requirements [email protected]