Fire Doors

Did you know that Vincent Buda & Company has many years of experience in Fire Doors, supplying thousands of doors a year?
We can supply frames, doors and hardware, install door and hardware, certify and tag doors and have our own door hangers.
Recently completed jobs include hotels, high rise units, low rise units, factories and shopping centres and offices.
Vincent Buda tag and certify doors to AS1905.1.2005

Coming in many sizes, dimensions and finishes, our Mini & Maxi fire doors are designed for a range of applications including for entrance doors for home units or hotel rooms.
Mini (37mm) fire rated doors are rated up to 2 hours and Maxi (47mm) fire doors are rated up to 4 hours.
Our fire doors have been tested with a large range of door hardware and have many approvals.
Our fire doors can be supplied in a range of different facings , including MDF, PLY, Duracote and special Vaneers.

Our Fire Doors Services include:

  • Quote (per door, sorry we don’t do lump sum)
  • Supply Metal Frame (Builder installs frame)
  • Measure, Supply and Install Fire Door & Door Hardware
  • Tag & Certify Frame & Door
  • Please contact our sales guys with information on your project and we would be happy to quote.
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