Door Frames

Vincent Buda & Company sell a large range of standard and custom made door frames.

  • Frames can be installed in a range of walling types including Brick, Block, Drywall, AFS, Dincel and many other applications.
  • Frames are available in a variety of metal thicknesses and types and a range of different sizes.
  • Made to order, supplied individually or in bulk.
  • We don't only specialise in standard door frames off the shelf, we also make custom door frames to order.
  • Provide us with your door requirements and we would be happy to provide a quote.
  • Contact us today to see if we have a frame that will work for you. 

Our frames are suitable for a range of applications including:

  • Houses, Apartments, Commercial Buildings
  • Fire Applications
  • Acoustic Applications
  • Customized Applications

We keep various standard sizes in standard N114 and N93 profiles.
These frames are commonly used for brickwork and stud + plasterboard walling systems.
We also keep some fire rated profiles for brick/blockwork.
Our most popular sizes stocked are door frames to suit 820 and 920 doors.

Please find here our profiles door book which will give you more information on the standard frames we can get made.

If you need something other than this, please contact our office for information and pricing.

View our Door Frame Profiles

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