Need help choosing a shower drain pattern?

Struggling to choose a shower drain pattern? Here is some more information about the various patterns we have available and what could suit your shower situation. Made from 304 stainless steel our shower drains are a stylish addition to your bathroom. With various patterns and sizes to choose from they are an affordable drainage solution. 

Heelguard pattern

Heelguard pattern is one of the most stylish patterns in our line. It has fine wedge wire bars with gaps to allow water flow. Instantly upon seeing all our drains, the most popular pattern by sight is our heel guard pattern. 

Tile Insert 

The tile insert shower grate provides a more hidden look where the insert piece is filled with a tile, only allowing a gap around the perimeter of the drain to collect water and flow into the tray. 

Lines Pattern

Our lines pattern grate is a rectangular slot hole pattern that provides a simplistic yet stylish look to any bathroom. One of there cheapest patterns in the collection, the lines pattern is a very sleek and affordable option for your bathroom.

Square Pattern

Our square pattern grate has small rectangular holes similar to the lines pattern. This pattern grate also provides a stylish look while still maintaining its affordable price tag.

Brick Pattern

Our brick pattern grate has a variation to the lines pattern grate, with similar long rectangular slot holes but in a different configuration. Again one of our more affordable patterns yet still a stylish addition to your bathroom or shower. 

Should you require a customised length or a custom outlet position, no problem! Here at Vincent Buda we understand that shower drains might be that couple centimetres longer than required. For this reason we modify our standard drains to meet your requirements with only a short lead time. 

All our drains are manufactured to provide a stylish yet affordable look to your bathroom, shop online now!