Galvanised Heelguard Trench Grate and Frame

As an extension to our galvanised grates line, we have now come out with heelguard grate and frame.

Similar to the traditional grate and frame, this range does not come with the box, rather comes with just a grate and frame allowing you to form up your own channel. This means you are not required to use the grate and box with a restriction on depth or form up a rebate to use grate only, instead you can form up the channel to be as deep or shallow as you would like.

Alike the traditional range, these are also available in 150mm wide, 200mm wide and 300mm wide. These sizes are all available in medium duty which is suitable for cars and light trucks, typically what is used in a residential driveway.

Available in 2 and 3 metre lengths this product is available now for purchase.